No more land West 
Visitor Welcome Center at Arm Gallery


Visitor Welcome Center lovingly presents No More Land West, a series of exhibitions by 40 artists at Arm Gallery. As we gently seek a new and accessible location as well as an expansive and inclusive model from which to operate, we will continue 2020’s programming on the left arm of John Burtle. After five years on the corner of Koreatown's 7th and Westmoreland, and in the midst of the world taking a break from each others' company, No More Land West asks each artist to take up humility and work small for a moment, with the hopes of when this is all over, each piece and all of us can be together in the same room, once again.


Liz Ahn
Alia Ali 

Josh Atlas
Jeffrey Michael Austin
Carole Anne Bell 
Amanda Choo Quan 
sonia louise davis 
Linda Fernandez
 iris yirei hu
 Pearl C. Hsiung 
Keir Johnston
Pamela Jorden 

Joeun Aatchim Kim
Victor Yanez-Lazcano 
  Gelare Khoshgozaran 
Brittany Ko 
Alice Könitz 
Hannah Lee 
Ann Leese 
Zoë Marden 
Emily Marchand
Anna Mayer
Alan Nakagawa 
Justin Olerud 
Ke Peng
Benny Reiss 
Miller Robinson  
Jordan Ruffin 
Jimena Sarno  
Joshua Schaedel 
Noah Spindler
Hannah Kim Varamini
Alice Wang 
Paula Wilson 
Xinyue Yan 
Kim Ye 
Livien Yin 
Ting Ying Han 
Michael Zahn 
Ruiling Zhang