X-TRA 11.2019

by Hande Sever

Art Forum 10.2019

by Daniel Gerwin

Hyperallergic 9.2019

by Abe Ahn

Los Angeles Review of Books 8.2019

by Alexandre Saden

Artillery Magazine 7.2019

by Annebel Osberg

AQNB 5.2019

Alice Wang with Hanna Spears 

Alice Wang 5.2019

featured in earth sciences 

Art Forum 2.2019

by Christina Catherine Martinez

LA Times 10.2018

by Sharon Mizota

Art Forum 10.2018

by Andy Campbell

Hyperallergic 9.2018

by Matt Stromberg

Two Coats of Paint 8.2018

by Mary Addison Hackett

Art and Cake 7.2018

by Lorraine Heitzman

LA Weekly 7.2018

by Shana Nys Dambrot

Artillery Magazine 6.2018

by Annabel Osberg

Artspace 1.2018

by Kio Griffith


A Conversation 1.2018

Alan Nakagawa and Prima Jalichandra-Sakuntabhai

The People Radio 1.2018

with Matt Timmons & Ben White


TERREMOTO 12.2017   


Art Forum 12.2017

by Andy Campbell

Carla 11.2017

by Aaron Horst

LA Weekly 11.2017

by Catherine Wagley

Art Practical 10.2017

by Hyunjee Nicole Kim

L.A. Weekly 10.2017

by Catherine Wagley

Margaret Honda: Exhibition Essay 8.2017

by Sharon Mizota

Carla 6.2017

by Claire de Dobay Rifelj

Art forum 4.2017

by Andy Campbell

Survival Guide: joy Exhibition Essay 2.2017

by Hyunjee Nicole Kim

LA Times 2.2017

by Sharon Mizota

Curate L.A. 2.2017

by Shelly Holcomb

Art forum 10.2016

by Andrew Berardini

LA Weekly 10.2016

by Catherine Wagley

ArtBlitz LA 10.2016

by Lara Salmon

Hyperallergic 7.2016

by Matt Stronberg

W Magazine 7.2016

by Stephanie Eckardt

PAPER Magazine 7.2016

by Kate Messinger

artnet News 7.2016

by Henri Neuendorf

LA Weekly 6.2016

by Catherine Wagley

Carla 5.2016

by Aaron Horst

Fine Art in the Fast Lane 5.2016

by Mario Vasquez