Visitor Welcome Center stands in solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives. As a space that has dedicated itself to artists whose truths are often eclipsed by the mainstream, whose foils include other constructs other than whiteness, and whose stories are actively being written and difficult to tell, we know that standing in solidarity looks differently for many. We know that often times, embodying solidarity means showing up imperfectly. Solidarity requires a practice of attunement—learning to listen, while listening, and learning how to be supportive and accountable, while being supportive and accountable. VWC is committed to making room for the practice of learning and growing. Growth is never linear and requires reorientation towards humility. As artists, we are in a time of reckoning, and as a space, we continue to rise to the occasion. While we feel that the gallery model has been exhausted and we closed our physical location in February 2020, we still want to continue the urgency of sharing nuanced and challenging stories about connection and equity. Art and healing are so crucially necessary in micro and macro scales: in relationships, in communities, in systemic reform, and in transformative justice. Learning to be in relation to one another, a community, a movement, an incremental or massive shift can be excruciatingly painful for many. There have been so many movements, people, legacies, and sacrifices that have led us to this moment in the U.S. There are people who have been working for a long, long time — across time and space — to envision a new possibility, coupled with those who have just arrived to work, and because of all of this collective effort, there is something to look forward to.