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World�s most widely deployed solution for video-rich program guides now coming to the EBIF Platform

SAVANNAH, GA – (July 7, 2009): Ligos Corporation today announced the ETV/EBIF version of its award-winning Mosaic interactive program guide system. Based on the most widely deployed solution of its kind worldwide, Ligos� new ETV Mosaic is aimed at multichannel operators and solution providers who are adopting CableLabs� EBIF (Enhanced TV Binary Interchange Format) standard for interactive applications and those seeking best-of-breed applications in which to showcase this next-generation platform.

Displayed to the subscriber as a tiled �video montage�, a Mosaic channel shows multiple thumbnails of high-quality live video streams on a single TV screen. The viewer uses their remote control to navigate and highlight individual tiles and hear the accompanying audio, and can directly tune to that channel if something captures their interest. MSOs currently use Mosaic to group similar programming such as News, Sports, Children�s, Special Event and VOD, and to incorporate advertising and service promotions to generate new revenue streams.

�Our new ETV Mosaic makes it possible for more providers to deliver this viewing experience to their subscribers,� said Mark Koziol, CEO of Ligos Corporation. �This is only the first of our plans for the EBIF platform. Further out we foresee incorporating personalized data feeds to further enhance Mosaic channels, and we�re planning other compelling applications that will add value to the ETV experience for both providers and their subscribers.�

Until now, Mosaic has primarily been integrated with the leading program guides of providers such as Macrovision, Microsoft and Cisco Systems. Ligos� ETV Mosaic now opens this same video-rich experience to the 15 million EBIF-enabled subscriber set-top boxes planned for 2009, a number projected to double next year. Further, the ETV Mosaic application has been highly optimized for those STBs in order to load quickly and to be compatible with both of the industry�s leading ETV User Agents from BIAP Inc. and TVWorks.

ETV Mosaic integrates all of the required functions � stream input, compositing, metadata, encoding, EBIF and stream output � into a single, compact server platform. An easy to use graphical design environment is provided to create dynamic channel layouts, and removes the complexity of the EBIF specification by automatically generating all of the audiovisual and navigational requirements of the resulting output channel. ETV Mosaic is currently finishing qualification within one of the nation�s largest cable operators, and will be available to other providers shortly. Multichannel operators and solution providers interested in the ETV Mosaic are invited to contact us by phone at 912-236-8993 ext. 101, or through our website at

Screen capture of an example EBIF-based VOD Barker Channel featuring 8 titles, context sensitive program data and a large central promo tile, generated with Ligos� ETV Mosaic.Screen capture of an example EBIF-based VOD Barker Channel featuring 8 titles, context sensitive program data and a large central promo tile, generated with Ligos� ETV Mosaic.

Since 1997, Ligos has been a leading provider in solutions that enable the delivery of digital video and advanced television experiences. The company�s expertise spans multiple platforms and networks, and their products have revolutionized the digital home, professional video production and networked video industries. Ligos� unique set of proficiencies in video processing enables the personalized video offerings of tomorrow by extending the capabilities of today’s standards and platforms. For more information on Ligos Corporation and Mosaic products, visit its website at

Version 1.5 with advanced networking capabilities, more powerful user interface and new tools for dynamic scheduled advertising and more

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