Viagra ( Sildenafil )

Forzest – Generic Tadalafil from Ranbaxy.
Forzest has been developed by one of the largest pharmaceutical companies Ranbaxy in India. This medication combines all advantages of Tadalafil and a low cost of Generics.
Nowadays drugs on the basis of Tadalafil are the most effective and universal in the treatment and prophylaxis of the erectile dysfunction. Forzest pills are allowed for men over 18 who have weak or uncontrolled erection.
Forzest is an exact copy (Generic) of Cialis drug. As the drugs have identical active ingredient, all therapeutic properties are also identical. Generic Cialis benefits consist in a lower price in comparison with the original drug.
The Indian pharmaceutical companies focus on meeting the demand in a low pricing category. Due to the reduced expenses on marketing, they supply medications all over the world at wholesale prices. Due to this, Forzest is for sale by 3-4 times cheaper than original Tadalafil.
How does Generic Tadalafil work?
Drugs for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction belong to one pharmacological group: PDE5 inhibitors.
The action of Tadalafil consists in increasing a natural blood circulation in the penis during the sexual stimulation. The PDE5 inhibitors act only on the increase of the potency and they do not cause a mechanical erection. Therefore, if the sexual drive or sexual arousal is absent, the action of the pill will not start.
This mechanism is conditioned by two factors:
A protection against accidental erection (for example, at public transport, at work, at a walk) A reduction of the side effect risk and action on the genuine physiological processes.
A recovery of the blood circulation in the penis tissues happens by means of the increased biochemical reactions in the penis blood vessels. In case of the sexual arousal of a man, Tadalafil increases a release of nitrogen oxide that provides a vasodilator action on the arteries. Due to this, the cavernous bodies are filled with the blood.
One of the main advantages of Forzest is a duration of the therapeutic effect. Tadalafil has a unique peculiarity to keep its activity within 36 hours. This fact is proved and confirmed by the clinical studies.
Most men are able to keep an instant ability to have erection within 36 hours after the use of the pill. A sexual stimulation is important for the activation of the natural biochemical processes.
It is clinically proved that the optimal therapeutic dose for men with erectile dysfunction is 20 mg per day. Each pill of Forzest contains this dose of Tadalafil, and therefore the effect is felt after the first use of the drug.
Generic Tadalafil 20 mg by Ranbaxy should be taken in accordance with the instruction or doctor’s recommendations.
Scheme of the dose of Forzest.
A daily Forzest dosage should not exceed a pill 20 mg. The interval between the use of the pills should be at least 24 hours. Each pill should be taken 40 minutes before the sexual activity In order to have a faster action (in about 25-30 minutes), the medication should be taken on an empty stomach with a full glass of water Some consumed alcohol will not bother the onset of the therapeutic effect and will not cause side effects.
There are special recommendations for men over 62:
The interval between the use of the pills should be at least 36 hours. It is better to take the drug once in two days because of the slow metabolism and possible accumulation of the active ingredients in the blood. Before getting Forzest 20 mg online, it is necessary to check the functions of heart, and make sure that there are noo contraindications. A cardiologist’s consultation will help to make a decision about the use of Forzest.
General recommendations for the use.
If headache, nausea, or rapid heartbeat appear during the use of Forzest, reduce the frequency of the use. If the side effects are still kept, stop the treatment. Do not take Forzest intoxicated, or after alcohol intoxication. It may be dangerous. Tadalafil is active within 6-8 hours after the use of the pill. That is why, it is better to take the drug long before the sexual intercourse.
Forzest is a clinically approved medication with FDA license. A risk of the development of the severe side effects is very low during the use of this drug. However, the risk grows in case of chronic diseases. Men should be careful if they have:
High blood pressure Tachycardia/arrhythmia Severe diseases of liver or kidneys.
The use of the drug is also contraindicated during:
Heart failure Myocardial infarction Ischemic heart disease.