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There are so many ED cures currently offered in the market that it’s easy to get totally lost among them. And it’s not even choosing among different brands that is the biggest problem. Sometimes you can barely choose between different versions of the same medication too. Take Cialis, for instance – there is daily Cialis, there is 36-hour Cialis, both available in different strengths… Today’s article is here to help you distinguish between these versions of the medication. The one in the focus of our attention this time will be Cialis 20 mg – if it is the one you’re interested in, then keep reading.
What is Cialis 20 mg?
Cialis 20 mg is the most potent version of brand-name Cialis currently available in the market. ‘20 mg’ indicates the amount of its active ingredient, Tadalafil, per pill. There are generic Cialis versions that have even higher concentrations of Tadalafil but we don’t recommend you to use those as it may lead to overdose. Most of current researches show that 20 mg is the perfect dose of Tadalafil necessary to boost sexual function in men and there’s no need to further increase it.
Brand-name Cialis 20 mg comes in yellow almond-shaped tablets with ‘C 20’ imprinted on one side. As per generic Cialis 20 mg, it’s hard to provide any guidelines on identifying the pills as the way they look varies depending on the manufacturer. Since there are currently at least several dozen pharmaceutical companies producing generic Cialis, listing what their pills look like would have simply taken too long.
Cialis 20 mg is intended for use on as-needed basis only – contrary to Cialis for daily use , you don’t need to take it once in every 24 hours. Just pop a pill around 30 minutes prior to expected sexual activity and enjoy the effect for up to 36 hours in a row. In fact, many men take Cialis in advance so that they don’t have to time their sexual activity that carefully – in most of the cases that works perfectly too. Note that you are not advised to take Cialis 20 mg more frequently than once in every 36 hours and certain liver and kidney conditions may increase the recommended time intervals even further.
Cialis 20mg is the best dosage for a single dose when a date is already set and you would like to surprise your girlfriend. The cost of Cialis 20mg is $8 – $15.16 per pill. In Britain, the cost of a pack of Cialis is 48 pills 450-580 pounds. It seems to be expensive? Cheap generic Cialis (tadalafil) from Canada 30 pills pack costs only C$81.38 Canadian dollars ($60.28 dollars or £48.23 pounds)! Are you thinking why such a big difference in prices? Because the pharmaceutical giants exploit the main male fear – the fear of disappointing their girlfriend in bed, to show their weakness and male insolvency. And men are willing to pay any price, just to avoid such a situation. But you can get the very same effect much more cheaper just using generics from Canada (£28.30 small pack 10 pills). So don’t waste your money and do the right choice by using generics.
Whom is Cialis 20 mg usually prescribed to?
As you might know already, the strength of Cialis prescribed to a patient depends on how serious the condition causing ED is. You will most probably be advised to start off with 10 mg pills , check their effect out and then adjust the dosage accordingly. If they don’t work well enough, your doctor will recommend you to increase the dosage to 20 mg. If, on the contrary, they work well, you might even want to try bringing the dosage down to 5 mg in order to minimize the risk of suffering from adverse effects. One way or another, don’t start with 20 mg unless it was your doctor who recommended you to do so.
Is Cialis 20 mg more dangerous than low-strength Cialis?
Even though it wouldn’t be right to call Cialis 20 mg a ‘dangerous’ medication, it definitely is more likely to cause different side effects than its low-strength alternatives. For instance, headache , which is the most widespread side effect of Cialis, is reported by up to 15% of men using the 20 mg pills – and only by around 10% of those who take Cialis 5 mg tablets daily. The same figures for dyspepsia, which is the second most common adverse effect of Cialis, would be 10% and 4% respectively.
Besides, when taking high-strength Cialis, you should pay more attention to what you’re taking it with and what potentially dangerous health conditions you might have. For instance, you’re not advised to take Cialis with grapefruit or grapefruit juice – these are likely to speed up the digestion of Tadalafil resulting in an overdose, even when you’re sticking with the dosage recommendations. The same with ulcers or stomach bleeding – these conditions may serve as contraindication to taking high-strength Cialis.
How much does Cialis 20 mg cost?
The price of Cialis 20 mg depends largely on where you’re buying it from and whether you prefer the brand-name medication or the generic alternative. Brand-name Cialis sold in large land-based pharmacies costs around $35 a pill in the United States, $20 a pill in most European countries and $10-20 a pill in Mexico. Purchased online, especially from countries like Canada, brand-name Cialis can turn out to be much cheaper – as cheap as $10 in most of the cases.
If you don’t mind taking generic Cialis, which is actually identical to its brand-name alternative, you can really save huge. In most of the cases you shouldn’t expect to pay more than $1.00-3.00 per pill . This is the money that should buy you some high-quality generic Cialis by reliable manufacturers from India or Mexico. Of course, you might find even lower prices online but we’d say going for these would mean running higher risks of getting counterfeit medications that wouldn’t work as well.
So, this is more or less everything that we wanted to say about Cialis 20 mg – if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us . There’s more information on this version of Cialis coming soon, so stay in touch!
the One of reviews:
I’ve tried all 3 of the ‘big’ ED drugs and one thing I can tell for sure is I’m never going back to Viagra or Levitra. I mean, they all work pretty much the same giving you hard enough erection and not causing any serious side effects except for a mild headache (well, at least, for me). But why would you settle for a pill that works for 4 hours if you can have 48 hours of action at about the same price? Come on, it’s a no brainer, with such duration of action, Cialis is totally the best drug for treating ED.
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Brand-name Cialis 20 mg comes in yellow almond-shaped tablets with ‘C 20’ imprinted on one side. Cialis 20mg cost.