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It’s hard to imagine that mere 20 years ago impotence was a condition that one couldn’t cure too easily – there was no Viagra, no Levitra and, of course, no Cialis too. One could only rely on surgery or some traditional meds that often looked like they were prescribed to the ones using them by plain witch doctors. And what about regular healthcare professionals? If you came to them with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, they could only recommend you to try changing your lifestyle – or consider finding new joys in your life and forgetting about sex.
Fortunately, the dark age of ED treatments is finally over – the cure has been found and it’s flawlessly effective! Besides, it’s growing more and more effective each day – and today we will be discussing the brand-new step in its development. This article will tell you a lot of interesting things about the medication that you don’t have to take right before sex , timing you romantic moments carefully, thinking up embarrassing excuses when you pop it too late and have to make your partner wait… This medication is the only one of its kind at the moment, intended for daily use and allowing you to forget about ED completely and enjoy sex any time you want to. As you might have already understood, we’re talking about Cialis for daily use .
Cialis for daily use.
Daily Cialis has been developed and approved for use by the FDA a relatively short time ago. It turned out that Tadalafil, which is the active ingredient in Cialis, can stay in your system for pretty long periods of time, its concentration increasing with every new dose that you take. First, it was considered to be a risk – but then the scientists started thinking… What if we reduce the amount of Tadalafil to 2.5 or 5 mg per pill and make the guys with ED take it daily instead of popping 10 or 20 mg on as-needed basis? Needless to say, the idea was brilliant – that was exactly how daily Cialis appeared, changing the landscape of ED therapy forever.
Now a few words about the mechanism of action of Cialis for daily use… Basically, it works exactly how its 36-hour version intended for use on as-needed basis does. It reduces the effect of the enzyme called PDE5 in your body, which restores the normal functioning of nerve endings and blood vessels in your pelvis, bringing the joy of enjoying a healthy rock-hard erection back to you. However, there’s one significant difference. The effect of 36-hour Cialis and all of its Tadalafil-based alternatives wears off after a couple of days but the daily pill… It simply doesn’t allow PDE5 to impede the circulation of blood in your pelvis again. As the result, you get perfectly virile – exactly like when you were 20 years old or even younger.
Most pharmacies say that you’re not advised to take Cialis daily if you have sex less frequently than 2 times a week. Damn, just listen to the way this recommendation sounds… If you go for daily Cialis, you will have a chance to make love more often than once in every 3-4 days! Reminds you of your younger days again, doesn’t it? But anyway – if you and your partner (or partners) are average humans, not sex addicts, you can still stick with good old 36-hour Cialis. It’s far not as much fun as its low-strength version but it can still give you enough mojo to make healthy regular lovemaking possible.
Advantages of daily Cialis.
After the moment daily Cialis appeared on the market, there have been more and more people switching to this very version of the popular ED drug. Why? Well, let’s just go through some of its most important advantages and you will see what makes it so popular.
Most men taking low-strength Cialis say that they really love its smooth effect . It’s not a secret for anyone that ‘regular’ 36-hour Cialis can cause quite a few side effects. It causes headaches, it is tough on your stomach, it makes you feel stuffed and it makes your muscles and back hurt the day after sex. Even more, if you belong with the least lucky <0.1% of Cialis users, you might run even more serious risks. There have been reported cases of severe hypotension, sudden loss of vision and hearing and even heart problems reported among men taking Cialis – especially those who overdosed on it or took it together with other meds and substances that are known to interact with Tadalafil. Low-strength Cialis for daily use, in its turn, makes it virtually impossible for you to overdose on it – even 2 or 3 pills taken together are still not as strong as one 20 mg pill of 36-hour Cialis.
Besides, there is also that incredible feeling of being ready for sex whenever you want it – the feeling that many men with ED haven’t experienced in years! Of course, the pills that you take as needed also do their job pretty fine and help you enjoy sex in the end of the day but… That just can’t compare to the feeling of perfect sexual health and the daily medicine gives to you.
Moreover, most Cialis users switching from the 36-hour pill over to the daily one report that the erections they get with the latter feel much more natural. When you’re on daily Cialis, you don’t get those crazy erections that just won’t let you unload, even after making love for what feels like hours. This pill makes you enjoy sex as if you weren’t on the pill at all !
Disadvantages of daily Cialis.
Unfortunately, daily Cialis is not an ED panacea as it still has a few disadvantages that we feel we have to mention here. First of all, the fact that you have to take it every single day itself is often challenging. We bet that our readers won’t deny that we, men, are often forgetful and, therefore, there’s always a risk you won’t stick to the schedule as strictly as you have to. It’s much easier with the 36-hour pill – there’s little to no chance that you would forget to take it. I mean, come on, you are getting lucky or know that there’s a very high possibility thereof… Under such circumstances, you would never forget to pop the pill, would you?
Another thing that we feel we just have to mention here is a disadvantage of Cialis for daily use that quite a lot of men actually complain about. See, Cialis is a fairly pricey medication and its low-strength version is by no means an exception from the rule. Getting a 28-pill package that would be enough to keep you going for a month would actually be even more expensive than buying Cialis for use on as-needed basis. But well, this is probably the price we have to pay for the opportunity to enjoy sex the healthy way. Besides, if you don’t want to spend too much, you can always go for one of Cialis’s generics – those work exactly the way brand-name medication does and are much less expensive. Of course, that would only be an option if they sell generics in your country.
Anything else that might be worth mentioning here? No, we don’t think so. Even though it’s not flawless, daily Cialis still seems to be ahead of the competition. Its popularity keeps growing, the latest researches show, so if ED scientists don’t come up with another breakthrough cure in the nearest future, we’re pretty sure its chances to become #1 in the market will be fairly high. Judge yourself – it’s very convenient, it has fewer side effects than 36-hour Cialis and MUCH fewer side effects than Viagra, Levitra or other Sildenafil- and Vardenafil-based men’s meds… It rocks, there’s no sense in denying that.
How to take Cialis for daily use.
As you can understand, this is probably the least complicated part of it all… There are actually barely any specific recommendations here – it’s just that you need to make taking Cialis a part of your daily routine and try not to miss a dose. Even if you do miss one or two, there’s no need to worry and, of course, you should not try to make up for it by popping several pills at once. Simply take a pill as soon as you remember about the missed dose and keep on with your regular schedule starting from the following day.
Most doctors recommend taking Cialis during a meal to make sure it doesn’t cause any digestion problems as Tadalafil can sometimes be pretty rough on the stomach. You shouldn’t worry about what you are eating or drinking during the meal when you’re taking Cialis – the effect of the medication is not altered by fatty foods or alcohol, as long as you consume the latter in moderate amounts.
Please, remember that it takes Cialis for daily use some time to start working for you – if you’re taking it to get rid of erectile dysfunction, your sexual performance will improve significantly in as short as 7 days or less after you start the treatment. If, however, you’re taking Cialis daily as BPH treatment, it might take up to 1 month for the results to become noticeable.
You are not allowed to take Cialis or any other Tadalafil-based medications if you are allergic to Tadalafil. Please, consult your healthcare provider if you don’t know whether you are allergic to this medication or not.
Side effects of Cialis for daily use.
Even though daily Cialis has got much fewer side effects if compared to ED medication for use as needed, there are still a few rather unpleasant effects that it may cause in people taking it. The most widespread of its adverse effects is headache , which is reported by up to 6% of all men using Cialis on daily basis. Digestion problems come second – but the most widespread of them is simple dyspepsia observed in as many as 5% of Cialis users. Other digestive system disorders may also occur but are very rare – 2% of Cialis users claim they get diarrhea after taking the pill and around 1% get abdominal pain or gastrointestinal reflux disease.
Additionally, up to 3% of Cialis users can also develop any of the following side effects: nasal congestion, nasopharyngitis, muscle pain, back pain, myalgia or flushing. Fortunately, as most men on Cialis say, these are usually barely noticeable and don’t interfere with sexual activity in any way.
Talking about more serious side effects of Cialis, we should note that those are extremely rare (reported by less than 0.1% of Cialis users) and extremely unlikely to occur to you provided you don’t have any health conditions that might serve as contraindications to using Tadalafil. However, you should still be aware of the fact that Tadalafil can cause changes to vision and hearing, hypotension and even heart problems as serious as infarction or stroke. If you feel pain in your chest, limbs or jaw after taking Cialis or get extremely dizzy, seek emergency medical attention.
Daily Cialis drug interactions.
There are a few medications and substances that are known to interact with Tadalafil causing very unpleasant or downright dangerous effects. It’s very important to refrain from taking those when you are using Cialis daily.
Never take Cialis together with nitrates – medications used for the treatment of chest pain and other related conditions or recreational drugs called ‘poppers’. Used together, Tadalafil and nitrates can cause very serious heart problems including heart attack or stroke.
Tadalafil works by lowering your blood pressure and intensifying blood circulation in pelvic area. Therefore, you are not advised to take it together with medications that have similar effect and can bring your blood pressure down too (for instance, antihypertensives or alpha-blockers). Failure to follow this simple rule may result in severe hypotension, dizziness, fainting and even death.
You are also recommended to refrain from drinking grapefruit juice or eating grapefruit when taking Cialis. The problem is that there are certain compounds in grapefruit juice that may increase Tadalafil exposure significantly, which may result in an overdose, even if you follow your usual dosage regulations.
Alcohol, in its turn, has little to no effect on Cialis for daily use – as long as you consume it in reasonable amounts . Drinking up to 5 glasses of wine or 5 shots of hard liquor shouldn’t affect your performance on Cialis.
So, this is probably it. Hope that this article has been able to answer whatever questions you had about Cialis for daily use. If it hasn’t, however, don’t hesitate to drop us a mail – we will gladly come back to you ASAP, as long as your question lies within our area of competence.
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My husband in his mature age gets 20 years younger from generic Cialis. We dont go to local pharmacy any more as Jasper drinks cialis daily, and in pharmacies it is terribly expensive and that piece of paper they call ‘prescription’ is always needed! Thanks to my friend that told me about this site!
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There are a few medications and substances that are known to interact with Tadalafil causing very unpleasant or downright dangerous effects. It’s very important to refrain from taking those when you are using Cialis daily.