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How long does Cialis last?
These days Cialis is the second most popular ED medication in the world. Besides, it’s gaining up on the market leader, Viagra, very quickly – in spite of the fact that the latter has been around for almost 17 years already while the history of Cialis is as short as 10 years. Why is it so successful? Most customers say that they switch to Cialis because of some of its truly outstanding characteristics, such as longer duration of action( Cialis super force for example), fewer side effects and so on. In this article we will be talking about the main of Cialis’ benefits – the fact that it can keep you perfectly ready for sex at any moment for 36 hours in a row or even all the time if you choose to go for its daily version, not the one intended for use as needed.
36-hour Cialis.
As you can probably understand from its very name, 36-hour Cialis is expected to give you at least 36 hours of perfect sexual health after being taken. And most Cialis users as well as doctors agree that this number is lowered by Cialis manufacturer in order to make up for all possible deviations. In most men, high-strength Cialis (20 mg or 10 mg pills) will last even longer. It’s not by chance that its most famous nickname is ‘the weekend pill’ – many men take it on Friday night and it keeps them going all through the weekend, until Sunday night. A quick calculation will show that it is way more than 36 hours – it is around 48 or even more!
Besides, there are certain health conditions that might extend the duration of action of Cialis even further. For instance, if you have some kidney or liver disorders, consult your healthcare provider prior to starting to take Cialis. There is a high chance its main active ingredient, Tadalafil, stays in your system for even longer periods of time. On one hand, this might be good as one pill is likely to keep you going for even longer than 48 hours . On the other hand, this means you need to have your dosage adjusted by the doctor so that you can avoid overdosing on Tadalafil, the concentration of which might be building up in your blood system every time you take the pill.
On the other hand, there are certain drugs that can affect the duration of action of Cialis making it shorter. Since Tadalafil is predominantly metabolized in the liver, any substances and medication inducing the activity of CYP3A4 enzyme system could potentially shorten the half-life of this medication, thus making Cialis last for less than 36 hours. If you believe you might be taking any such medications, talk to your doctor – maybe you will need to time the use of Cialis more carefully. And let us warn you – the fact that you take any medications inducing the activity of your liver doesn’t necessarily mean that you can take 36-hour Cialis more often than once in 2 days. Once again, you will have to discuss that with your doctor rather than switch to an alternative schedule of using Cialis.
Daily Cialis.
So, you think that 36 to 48 hours is long enough? Here’s some even better news then – there is a form of Cialis that allows you to be ready for sex 24/7, whenever the time is right. We’re talking about Cialis for daily use – a low-strength Tadalafil-based medication that one should take every day . This way the concentration of Tadalafil is always on sufficient (though perfectly safe) levels in your system, allowing you to engage in healthy sexual activity without having to time it. Basically, what daily Cialis does is permanently fixing the blood circulation in your pelvic area, which allows you to live a normal sex life just like when you were younger. It inhibits the effect of PDE5, an enzyme that is found in most men with ED and is considered to be responsible for their sexual performance problems.
Cialis for daily use is usually prescribed to the people who have sex more often than twice a week, which makes the use of 36-hour Tadalafil more difficult to time. However, you can still discuss this option with your doctor – maybe he or she will consider the daily pill more appropriate for you.
There is one rather dangerous health condition that all Cialis users should definitely be aware of. Okay, Cialis is a long-lasting medication but it doesn’t mean that it gives you erections that just wouldn’t go away for long periods of time. In fact, such abnormally lasting erections are very dangerous, so if you get one that lasts for over 4 hours and doesn’t grow flaccid even after you have reached orgasm, seek emergency medical assistance immediately . There is a chance you have a health condition called ‘priapism’, which may lead to necrosis of tissues in your penile body and permanent incurable inability to reach erection.
In general, it’s absolutely no surprise that many people choose Cialis over other ED drugs that have considerably shorter duration of action of around 6-8 hours. Besides, Cialis is currently the only impotence drug officially available as daily pills. And these are far not the only reasons to love it – read a few more articles on our site and you will understand it!
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Most customers say that they switch to Cialis because of some of its truly outstanding characteristics, such as longer duration of action, fewer side effects and so on.