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Cialis Daily 2.5mg or 5mg: Which Should I Take?
It depends on whether or not you are taking Cialis Daily (also called Cialis once a day) for the first time.
If you are, and you are otherwise healthy, then 5mg is the inaugural dose recommended by doctors.
But if you have taken this in the past and encountered non-serious side effects such as a headache, a stuffy nose, or slight visual problems, then your doctor may decide to reduce your administration to the 2.5mg dose.
Generally, when prescribing any medicine, a doctor will try to issue the lowest dose known to be effective. For those first-time users buying Cialis Daily from our pharmacy, we recommend starting at 2.5mg.
Those who have noticed severe or potentially harmful side effects should stop taking the treatment altogether and inform their nearest on-duty healthcare professional urgently.
So to summarise:
This strength is indicated for those who are using Cialis daily but may have had a sensitive response to the 5mg dose.
This is the recommended starting dose for most men looking to take Cialis every day.
However, patients using Cialis Daily for the first time who order from our pharmacy will be advised to start on 2.5mg.
Is there a big difference in the way Cialis 2.5mg and 5mg work?
No. The medications are the same, but obviously one is simply stronger than the other.
Whereas the weaker dose is less likely to cause side effects; the stronger dose is more likely to produce erectile potency. But as indicated below, the difference between the results for the two dosage levels is not considerable.
In a clinical study , 287 men in the US were assessed using both doses over a near six-month period. It found that:
of those men surveyed taking Cialis Daily 5mg, 71 per cent of attempts resulted in erections strong enough for penetration the figure for those cases where the weaker dose of Cialis Daily 2.5 mg was used was 65 per cent of those men taking the higher dose, 57 per cent of attempted cases of intercourse resulted in an erection which lasted long enough for the completion of intercourse this is compared to 50 per cent of those using the reduced dose.
What is Cialis Daily?
It is the only erectile dysfunction pill you can take every day, and as a result, the only medicine which doesn’t require forward planning prior to intercourse. Instead of taking the pill and waiting for it to work like Cialis or other on-demand treatments, it is taken once daily, and the user is ‘covered’ all the time.
Is Cialis Daily as effective as regular Cialis?
According to clinical trials, not quite; but it comes very close.
The equivalent middle dose of on-demand Cialis produced penetration-ready erections in 73 per cent of cases, and lasting erections in 59 per cent; compared to 71 and 57 respectively in those taking Cialis Daily 5mg. However, this difference is so minute to users that it could almost be considered negligible.
The type you use depends mostly on whether or not you prefer to take a tablet on-demand, or once a day.
Some men who haven’t taken Cialis before may turn to online patient reviews for further guidance. These can sometimes provide an insight into how well Cialis has worked for others, as well as the severity of any side effects experienced.
However, it’s important to note that online reviews can sometimes give a distorted view of a medicine, and that no two people are the same; speak to your doctor about Cialis if you have not used it before. Taking your medical history into account, they will be able to help you determine whether or not it is a suitable solution for you.
How much does Cialis Daily cost?
It depends where you buy it from, as prices can vary. Generally, cheaper online pharmacies will price Cialis Daily at £2.50-£3 per tablet when sold in packs of 28 (4 weeks’ supply). However, the per-tablet cost of Cialis Daily may sometimes be less when buying larger packs containing 2 or 3 months’ supply.
Cialis Price includes your prescription, your medicine and 24hr delivery.
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