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Can you safely take nitric oxide and Cialis together?

Cialis is a prescription medication that is used to treat those that suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Cialis cannot be obtained without a prescription.

However, nitric oxide can be purchased from just about any health food store.

Because Cialis expands blood vessels and has dangerous side effects, it should not be taken with a nitric oxide supplement.

The body usually makes precisely the amount of nitric oxide that it needs.

Nitric oxide supplements typically don't lead to serious side effects when taken by healthy adults.

Nitric oxide also improves the blood flow, but it should not be combined with Cialis.

When the heart is overstimulated, it is difficult to regulate the heart rate and blood pressure. This can be dangerous for those with heart related illnesses.

What is ED?

ED is erectile dysfunction, a prevalent medical condition that sometimes facilitates the need for prescription medication. Men with erectile dysfunction are able to feel aroused. However, blood does not flow normally to the genital region.

Sometimes erectile dysfunction can be the symptom of a disease such as obesity. It may be completely cured if the underlying illness is eradicated. Sufferers of erectile dysfunction have varying degrees of symptoms.

Some men report being unable to maintain an erection only periodically, while other men are unable to have an erection for months or years at a time. Surgery and therapy can also sometimes prove to be useful for treating erectile dysfunction.

Can nitric oxide be used to treat ED?

Only prescription medications such as Cialis and Viagra have been medically proven to help with erectile dysfunction. Regardless of this, millions of men take supplements that aid in sexual performance.

Nitric oxide might be able to assist some men with improving their sexual performance, however, it is simply not a reliable treatment for erectile dysfunction. In fact, the FDA has released information and studies explaining the potential risks associated with herbal sexual enhancement supplements.

Nitric oxide is an ingredient in many of the most popular sexual performance supplements. Because these supplements can contain any number of ingredients that impact the libido, blood flow and heart rate, several negative and deadly side effects can occur.

Is Cialis safe?

Cialis is one of the most commonly prescribed medicines for ED sufferers. There is a long list of potential side effects as well as safety risks associated with this prescription drug.

Many people might assume that erectile dysfunction is a disorder that only older men have to worry about. However, many cases of erectile dysfunction have been reported in younger males.

Cancer and other serious illnesses can have an impact on the reproductive system. The National Cancer Institute has published its findings related to cancers of the reproductive system and erectile dysfunction.

When under the care of a physician, Cialis can improve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction safely. However, even long-term Cialis users can experience sudden and severe side effects with no prior warning. This is why doctors recommend all Cialis users to document and report any unexplainable changes in their physical well being.

Can you take Cialis and sexual enhancement supplements safely?

Although not all sexual enhancement supplements contain nitric oxide, they should never be combined with Cialis. Very few supplements promoted as sexual aids have been clinically studied. Each individual ingredient might have qualities that can impact sexual health, but there is no telling what they can do when they are taken together.

Sexual enhancement supplements should not be taken under any circumstance. Purchasing herbal supplements such as maca root or Chinese ginseng alone might help to improve libido, but they should also not be consumed if you have been prescribed and are taking Cialis.

Is it possible to overdose on Cialis?

Even Cialis users that take the recommended dose can have symptoms that are similar to overdosing. Only the recommended dose of Cialis should be taken. Cialis overdose can lead to major medical complications if you do not get prompt medical attention.

It is possible to prevent many of the most serious side effects of Cialis overdose from manifesting if the patient is able to get to the hospital quickly. Taking too much Cialis can cause, stroke heart attack or heart palpitations. This can occur even if you do not have a medical history of heart attack or stroke.

Because Cialis works with both the muscular and vascular system, Cialis should not be taken by healthy males. Many users report having uncontrollable erections that cannot be alleviated for lengthy durations when they first start taking Cialis.

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