Viagra ( Sildenafil )

How Fast Does Cialis For Daily Use Work

Taking Cialis: As Needed or for Daily Use

Cialis is a brand name for Tadalafil – the next generation drug of the PDE-5 inhibitors class. It corrects erectile function and treats BPH (enlarged prostate gland). Cialis is a prescription medicine to be used as needed or daily. Cialis for BPH is prescribed for daily use. Cialis for ED can be prescribed as for daily use in lower dosages so for use as needed in higher concentration. Let us talk about Cialis efficacy.

Does Cialis Work?

Does Cialis work – that is the question. Promotion of sex enhancing drugs is organized in such a way to be ultimately persuasive and effective. Each commercial and description of the drug on the website offers you the best sexual experience with this only pill and careless life without any intimate troubles. You believe the commercial, buy the drug, try it and get disappointed. It does not work.

Cialis works in another way. The drug uses innovative component named Tadalafil. It is protected from being digested and eliminated from the body soon after intake. It gets absorbed in the blood right from the intake reaching its destination point very fast, but it does not get metabolized as soon as the components of other popular sex enhancing drugs as Viagra. Viagra key component is Sildenafil Citrate. It gets metabolized within the next four hours after intake of a pill, no matter which concentration (dosage) of the medicine you will choose. Tadalafil, due to a new protection from enzymes, preserves its effect in the body up to 36 hours. Many patients ask: how long does Cialis last? After a pill of Cialis you feel an ability to develop healthy erection for the whole day. Studies show that most of the patients preserve the ability to get erection within the next 24 hours. Up to 37% of patients feel normal potency to get erection within 36 hours after intake. Cialis does not make you sexually excited. It creates normal chemical conditions in the body for an erection to happen.

How to take Cialis?

How to take Cialis is the next essential question bothering patients. Cialis is referred to as a weekend pill. This means that you can take only one pill and forget about erectile dysfunction for the whole weekend. There are three main ways of how to take the drug. The scheme of intake does not change with original or generic Cialis:

  1. Daily use – recommended for patients after 55 years old, who are unlikely to completely recover and restore the ability to get erection. In this case doctor prescribes minimal dosages. Missing a dosage is not crucial.
  2. Treatment courses – Cialis is taken in certain dosages for a certain period of time every day. This scheme is used to treat BPH and erectile dysfunction in men of 35-50 years old. In up to 90% of cases such an approach is the most effective one.
  3. Use as needed – Cialis is taken as needed before sex. In this case you need to know how long does it take for Cialis to work? Cialis gets immediately absorbed in the blood right from your mouth. That is why it takes commonly up to 30 minutes to perform an effect. However you should consider your individual response to the medication. Some patients need more time for a drug to start working. Commonly this time does not exceed 1 hour.

Why Cialis is getting more popular than Viagra? The matter is how long does Cialis last.

Unlike Viagra which commonly lasts about 4 hours and then a patient needs another pill to develop the next erection, Cialis performs a remarkably long effect and can last up to 36 hours. This is explained by the protection of the key active ingredients of the drug from being metabolized soon after the intake.