Viagra ( Sildenafil )

Generic Cialis Online – Buy Tadalafil without a Doctor’s Prescription

For a long time, Viagra has dominated the industry especially in treatment for erectile dysfunction. This is due to the fact that it was intended to treat another condition but it caused erections as one of its side effects. For this reason, scientists saw the need to develop it as a drug for ED treatment. In the past two decades, it has made billions in terms of revenue from sales. This has prompted the company (Pfizer) to create its generic brand to beat other competitors such as Cialis and Levitra. Is this move effective?

It is often believed that erectile dysfunction is a sign of other conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol among others. Before a specific drug is issued to you, some tests will be conducted to determine whether you are suffering from any one of these conditions. It is also important to get interviewed by your doctor to tell whether your current situation is favorable for the drug. Moreover, erectile dysfunction could be a clear indication that certain medications caused it as a side effect. This important information will help in understanding the mechanism of action for Cialis and how it can be bought through online platforms.

What is generic Cialis?

Cialis is an original brand-name for Tadalafil used in treating erectile dysfunction. Its mechanism of action is similar to Levitra and Viagra. It acts by increasing blood flow to the penile region. This is only possible if you get sexually aroused. Unlike Viagra, it takes up to 36 hours in the body before it is completely broken down.

At one point, your doctor may have provided you with a prescription for Cialis for your erectile dysfunction and noticed that it the new one says Tadalafil. Maybe, your prescription has always been Tadalafil only that you only noticed Cialis indicated on it. Nevertheless, now the packaging looks different from the last ones you collected from the pharmacy. There is no cause for worry since both original and generic brand contain the same active ingredient. They may be of different colors but their mechanism of action is quite similar.

By the time your pharmacist is presenting the drug to you, it may feel like you are getting scammed. This is not the case. This is due to the fact that some medicines will bear a single name while others will have several names; but the active ingredient remains the same. You need to identify the product by checking for Tadalafil. Despite that, all medications under Cialis should have at least one cognizable official generic name which clearly outlines the chemical setup or may be related in terms of mechanism of action. To illustrate this; a typical generic brand under Cialis will bear a shorter form of the official chemical name to avoid confusion. The generic name will remain uniform for all medications across the globe. You cannot begin to imagine the amount of confusion it might generate if each country gave it a different name.

The differences between Cialis and Tadalafil

Brand-originals are protected by patent hence its name cannot be used by any other company manufacturing the brand. It will be unfair for another company to use the original name thus causing further confusion. Patent rights also includes other aspects such as chemical compositions, shape, and color among other factors. Again, this is to clearly distinguish between the original and the generic brand.

Just so we are clear, the original drug company may decide to name it differently in different parts of the world. It might be because the current country already has a drug with that name. To avoid confusion, they will give it a different name. This will prevent pharmacists and doctors from recommending the wrong medications or even the users mistaking it for another drug. Furthermore, the name could mean something uncouth according to their national language. They need to respect each country’s way of doing things by avoiding this as much as possible.

Just for clarification purposes, some drug companies can opt to give a generic name to a brand name if it has actually participated in manufacturing it. Well, they already have the patented rights, don’t they? So, even though the medicine you have already been prescribed for has a different trade name does not mean it is less effective. Nevertheless, there can only be one medicine bearing a specific name yet have different names for generic versions.

Consumers need to be informed if any new generic versions are likely to pop up. Apart from giving you value for you money, this is one way of ensuring you do not fall prey to suspicious dealers. That is why all of them are being encouraged to read more about the condition. Through it, they will understand the mechanism of action and rely on their doctors to make good medical decisions on their behalf. These platforms provide ready access for willing participants to try and test their products to determine whether they are equally effective as brand originals. Who knows? New products bearing the same active ingredient are likely to emerge in the near future. Until then, only time will tell.

Does generic Cialis work?

Since 2003 when it was officially launched in the UK, many questions have been raised concerning Cialis’s effectiveness. For instance, is it better than Viagra? Well, it is evident that both Viagra and Cialis are the leading treatment options for Viagra but they are different in a number of ways. The standard amount of time you are supposed to take before experiencing their effects is 30-60 minutes. While Viagra will take between 4-6 hours, Cialis will last about 36 hours hence its nickname ‘the weekend pill’. It could be taken on a Friday night and last up to Sunday evening when taken in the right proportions. All in all, it is up to the individual to decide which option is right for them.

To take the ‘weekend pill’ you will need to a full glass of water since it is an orally-administered tablet. Even though you are advised to stay away from meals with high cholesterol, you can still take Cialis as compared to Viagra. Avoid taking too much alcohol since it hinders its absorption thus becoming less effective on your body. Also, avoid combining Cialis with other medications containing nitrates since they tend to interfere with its chemical compositions. Taking Cialis alongside recreational drugs such as poppers will predispose you t adverse side effects. All these information surrounding intake of Cialis may not be available at your disposal but it will save you the burden of undergoing new treatments which are sometimes life-threatening and expensive. By all means, always listen to your doctor’s advice to avoid these contraindications. He/she is authorized to increase or decrease your doses based on what they have observed during the first trial therapy.

Why is it cheaper to buy generic Cialis online?

Companies manufacturing generic brands have no interest in researching new chemical products hence they prefer not to invest in it altogether. They would rather wait until the original companies lose patent rights over the medicines to produce generic pills containing the same active ingredient. Since the company has already marketed its original brand, they can take advantage of that by opting out of these costs. This allows them to sell at a cheaper price; something all customers would love to hear about.

When will generic Cialis be available? You ask. Well, back in 2003, Eli Lilly launched Cialis as a treatment option for erectile dysfunction. By November 2017, it had lost its patented rights over Cialis in the UK creating business opportunities for generic manufacturers. Now, it is possible to get generic Cialis without a doctor prescription through selected online drugstores.

There are plenty of reasons why people are going generic. Not only is it offered at the best price, but it is also equally effective just like the branded originals. To place an order, you will be required to ill an assessment form after which an online doctor will review it and recommend the viable option for you. Free standard delivery options is one of the major privileges you will enjoy when you choose to buy online. Here, you will encouraged to place your order on a weekday then wait up to 24 hours before it is delivered to your doorstep.

What does it look like?

To get a good sexual experience, buy Cialis online. Most researchers believe it has a long-lasting effect and that is why it is one of the most preferred options for ED treatment. Since it can only be bought after gaining approval from your doctor, it means you need a valid prescription. Here are simple steps to follow to determine whether Cialis you intend on buying is fake or genuine.

  • First, the ‘C’ engraving on the genuine pill is normally thicker than the fake one. Please try and distinguish the two.
  • If you settle of the 20mg dosage option, it will appear abnormal on the fake one. The corners of the pill also greatly differ since the real one has a definite edge but the fake one does not look proportional.
  • When you look at the packaging, real Cialis has high quality printing done on it. Even worse, the fake ones have improved on their packaging details to cause further confusion. You will need to hook up with a trustworthy healthcare provider to distinguish the two.

On matters concerning where to buy Cialis, you need to understand a few things. First of all, not all sellers are genuine. In fact, this industry has attracted the highest crime rate since they believe buyers are not aware of the health implications of taking counterfeited drugs. They will convince you that their products are equally effective as the original Cialis. By now, you should have mastered how a genuine branded or generic Cialis tablet looks like. This is because relevant authorities have not had enough time to capture and punish these criminals according to the law. Therefore, customer still need to find out if some of these sites have been blacklisted to avoid endangering their lives and losing their hard-earned money in the process.

What are the advantages of buying online?

You are being encouraged to buy online as opposed to local pharmacy since they have introduced measures to protect your identity. The last thing you want it anyone knowing what you are suffering from without your approval. They will use plain packaging and print your name and address on it to prevent your identity from being compromised. The delivery guy won’t even know what is contained in the packaging unless you reveal it to them. You also have the option of collecting your package from the post office if you already have a key.

It is also a good way of ensuring you get real value for your money since they are considered budget-friendly. Now that generic versions have been created, you will be in a position to afford it since its price is almost half of the original version. If you are interested in becoming a return buyer, you will be given access to coupons, vouchers and discounts. At times, you may be nominated to be among the few people to participate in trial studies. This is where you will be given free sample packs after obtaining prescriptions from your doctor.

Just like local health centers, these sites have enough professionals who are trained to handle different cases. Once you place your order, they will conduct assessments depending on your medical history. Your online doctor will go through your details to determine whether you are capable of handling the chemical composition contained in the drug. If it does not suit you, they will advise you on the viable options which you can try. Once this is done, you will be asked to make payments for the specific number of pills to take you through the entire treatment period.

This service is quick and easy owing to the fact that most people are already internet-enlightened. These fully-regulated websites have enough medications which they acquire from reputable manufacturers. In fact, they remain accountable for any patient buying from them. You are better off buying from sites which have been approved by FDA and MHRA than any other site.

In a nutshell, Tadalafil is the generic form of Cialis. Though they are of different names, they still perform the same function- to treat impotence in men. Therefore, you should not worried if you doctor prescribes the generic version the second or third time since they are relatively the same. If you want to buy it online, ensure you follow the right channels. This involves going through their doctors to conduct medical assessments and passing successfully. If you are lucky, you might bump into free trial packs that are readily offered on a first-time basis. Do not get discouraged if its price is increased during your third purchase. All in all Cialis is rated the best after Viagra since it has a long lasting effect.